Episode 112: Moving Forward in Your Power and Safety with Briana

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Our energetic body’s job is to defend us against what’s happening outside, and what has harmed us in the past. It remembers the pain that we’ve experienced, and wants to prevent us from feeling it again. Those of us who have gone through suffering but have also done the work to peel back the layers of our unconscious will find that what is left is the consciousness of our energetic field, and it’s important to overcome the resistance that will come up when we begin to open up our hearts.

Briana is here looking for guidance on what is the most effective path for her to focus on, as she moves forward with her new gifts. She’s been on a healing journey and in a space of growth for a while, and wants to deepen her connection with herself and adjust to this new way of being. Today, Briana and I have an in-depth discussion about what it takes to find and live your personal power.
During her reading we talk about:

  • Redefining success
  • Unconscious vs. conscious programming in the world
  • Being and feeling safe in your body
  • How physical, mental, and emotional trauma are used to disempower you
  • How people can plug in and take your personal power
  • Disconnecting from collective emotions and allowing others to be responsible for themselves
  • How in order to move forward, there comes a point where it’s no longer meaningful to look backwards

I hope this reading inspires you to explore the deeper layers of yourself.

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Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational coach. As a portal between the seen and the unseen worlds she lives in devotion to creating spaces that allow people to be fully ALIVE and deeply connected to their intuition. We are ALL intuitive and have the capacity to connect with what we cannot see, and because of this she loves inspiring people to embrace their magic and live in the mystery of life. Knowing that life is ALWAYS loving you, even in the hard moments, and understanding that how you show up for everything is connected to how you are loving and being with yourself, she loves to play in the places that awaken the truth of YOU and ignite the gifts your of intuition, magic and your deepest desires.

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