Episode 121: Sustaining Yourself While Supporting Others With Nikki

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I believe you are meant for great things, my love. We are all born intuitive, but the work that we do to ground ourselves in our intuitive gifts and nurture our spiritual selves is directly related to our ability to support other people in one pursuit or another. We all live inside the structures of our society, and understandably, and so we might let the anxieties of our day-to-day prevent us from pursuing what we actually want to do in this life. That anxiety is only trying to protect us from all the fears we have, and although it’s comfortable to stay in that fear, what if we were brave enough to go beyond it?

Nikki is here wanting clarity on how to find balance and trust to live an abundant life. She wants to learn how to sustain herself as she fulfills her life’s calling of supporting other people. Today, Nikki and I have an honest conversation about the value in taking care of ourselves, learning from the ways our caregivers have shaped us, and how to show up authentically and truthfully as we share our gifts with the world.

During her reading we talk about:

  • How when we’re young, we take the stress of our caregivers and play them out in our present lives
  • That anxiety can become part of your identity and how to dismantle this story. 
  • Living from your passion and purpose versus from anxiety and fear of failure
  • Trusting that you have what it takes to walk through uncertainty and be okay
  • Connecting to your inner light is such a vital part of who you are and why you’re here
  • How to show your authentic self to the world

I hope this reading helps you to reset your inner compass with your broader “why.”

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