Recognizing Signs from the Universe

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Today, I want to share insights on recognizing signs from our guides, angels, intuition, and spirit. These signs, often emerging from various sources, carry a sense of serendipity and synchronicity. They resonate with a feeling of aliveness and truth within our bodies.

These simple occurrences can yield profound results. As we begin to notice and acknowledge these signs, rather than dismissing them as mere coincidences, we embrace the fact that Spirit is constantly seeking to connect with us. Every event, big or small, becomes an invitation, a gesture of connection from realms beyond our usual perception.

I invite you to tune in, soften your approach, and start noticing the subtle happenings around you. For me, Spirit often communicates through numbers. Whenever I’m in doubt or seeking answers, specific numbers appear as affirmations of my path. For instance, whenever I see the number 33, especially when contemplating a decision, I take it as a clear sign to proceed.

Nature is another profound medium for spiritual messages. Where I live, encounters with animals, especially birds and deer, are frequent. Just recently, during a run, while discussing a financial idea, a group of seven deer crossed my path. To me, this was an undeniable sign of spiritual support for my new venture.

Similarly, an encounter with a golden eagle, a rare sight in my area, became a meaningful message. On the same day, a friend saw a golden eagle in her backyard, an equally unusual event. These are not mere coincidences; they are significant messages.

Signs can also manifest as ideas or words that spontaneously pop into your mind. Once, while searching for my keys, an intuitive nudge suggested I look in a green banker bag. Initially, I dismissed this thought, but eventually found my keys right there. Had I listened to that initial intuitive suggestion, I could have saved precious time.

Our intuition also connects us with others. Recently, I thought of a woman I hadn’t spoken to in weeks, and the very next day, I received a message from her. In another instance, a friend whom I hadn’t connected with for a while called me within an hour of crossing my mind.

These synchronicities are not just mere coincidences. They are the universe’s way of showing us how interconnected everything is. The more we recognize and honor these occurrences, the stronger our intuitive muscle becomes. We learn to trust, feel, see, and sense our intuition in unique ways.

So my love, I encourage you to stay open to the signs around you. Pay attention to those little nudges, the unexpected encounters, and the synchronicities that seem too apt to be coincidental. And I’d love to hear from you – let me know what signs have been appearing in your life.

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