Deepening Your Intuition Through Your Inner Authority

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Today we are diving into the profound concept of inner authority and its intricate connection to our intuition. Inner authority isn’t just an abstract idea; it’s a crucial element in tuning into our intuition, engaging with it, and using it as a guiding light in our lives. It’s about turning inward and seeking answers and validation from within, rather than externally.

Inner authority resides in your body’s central channel—if it were to have a physical location. For me, it’s interwoven with my energetic chakra system, but it transcends just being an energetic state. It’s a fusion of mental, emotional, and energetic realms. To me, it feels like a radiant column of light, stretching from the crown of my head down to the base of my spine, anchoring me in this physical reality while still connecting me to the cosmos.

When I focus on this pillar, it radiates strength, brightness, and a frequency of self-assurance. It whispers, “I make excellent choices on my own, without the need for external validation.” This empowers me at a mental and emotional level, reinforcing that I’m always at the helm of my decisions. Even when options seem limited, the power of choice remains firmly in my hands.

This sense of inner authority means I don’t constantly seek advice from friends, family, or even spiritual guides. It comes from a deep understanding of my desires and aspirations, propelling me to take action towards them. It’s about choosing from the heart, with love, and in alignment with my life’s purpose.

The more I listen to and exercise this inner authority, the stronger it becomes. It has evolved into my go-to source of guidance, resonating with truth and love. It’s about forging a deep, intimate relationship with myself—my abilities, my sensitivities—embracing my true essence in everything I do.

So, how does this strengthen my intuition? For me, it introduces a layer of trust, truth, and desire, enhancing my connection with myself in a more profound, loving way. It becomes a guiding light, a voice that steadily drowns out the mental noise. The more I honor and acknowledge this intuitive aspect of myself, the more potent it becomes. It’s akin to muscle training; neglect leads to atrophy, while nurturing and attention result in strength and resilience.

Our intuition is similar. The more we engage with it, care for it, and heed its guidance, the more integral it becomes to our identity. We reach a point where questioning ceases, and knowing becomes innate, embedded in our very being—our hearts, our bodies, our DNA.

My love, you are inherently connected to Spirit, and every action can stem from this profound connection. It’s all about practice—listening, responding, and acting on the intuitive insights you receive. This journey to your inner authority is a continuous affirmation of your capabilities: “Yes, I know, yes, I can, and yes, I will.”c

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