Episode 125: Supporting Yourself During Life Shifts With Dauna

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When we’re faced with transitions and big changes, we may feel confused as to why certain hurts from earlier in life start to arise. Our uncertainty about the future is most times driven by unhealed wounds, and things we have hidden away. As we move towards new horizons, these wounds will surface for us to examine and integrate. Often our go to copying mechanism is to ignore their uprising and plunge more into doing as a way to avoid what is happening. When you learn to turn towards what is seeking your attention and focus on how you are being, it is easier to hear the whispers of your heart and discern your path forward. 

Dauna is here looking for wisdom as she approaches some big changes in her life, including a move. She’s feeling stuck and afraid, and doesn’t understand why she is feeling this way. Today, Dauna and I have a moving conversation, steeped with metaphors, that addresses the fears she’s having regarding the uncertainty in her life,  leading to a resolve for her to devote more care and attention to her physical self and the tender emotional parts of herself.

During her reading we explore:

  • How your old wounds drive your reactions and create your reality
  • That the thing that will take you furthest in life is your ability to be with yourself deeply and know who you truly are
  • It’s from this being-ness that your reality is created
  • How no time is wasted, that you are always exactly where you need to be
  • How running TOWARDS the places where you hurt is the very thing you need to get to the places you want to go
  • Being more in devotion in the path of your heart than to your fear 

I hope this reading helps you see something new in yourself and your abilities.

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