Harnessing the Power of Choice

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In the previous blog, I discussed how our choices shape our lives. Today, I want to expand on that idea. Did you know that the human brain makes about 35,000 decisions each day? It’s a staggering thought, reflecting the immense power we have to create our lives. Imagine harnessing each of those decisions to build the life of our dreams, rather than settling for what we believe we’re conditioned to experience.

Many of us live life believing our genetics, circumstances, or financial situations dictate our paths. But what if it were really the sum of those 35,000 daily decisions that sculpt our lives? Another fascinating statistic is that only 5% of our waking life consists of conscious thoughts and decisions. The remaining 95% comes from unconscious programming accumulated over our lifetime. By the time we’re 35, our personality is fully formed, and we often run on autopilot, governed by this unconscious part of ourselves.

So, how do we tap into that 95% and start living more consciously? The first step is awareness. Understanding that this is happening within us is crucial, then beginning to take steps towards doing things differently. This is where intuition comes into play. Underneath all the unconscious noise and decision-making, in that 5% of conscious self, lies our intuition. This is our true self, our creative essence, our soul.

Strengthening and growing this connection to our inner self is vital. I encourage you to  engage in practices, work with coaches, and therapists, or pursue spiritual and personal development activities that resonate with you. Start noticing your patterns, the things you repeatedly say, and the beliefs you hold onto, these are the key to becoming more conscious. 

Another aspect of unraveling our unconscious is to start making decisions aligned with our dreams. The comfortable part of our brain might resist, urging us to stick with the familiar. However, it’s about creating a soft, open relationship with this part of ourselves, inviting us to go deeper and live differently.

For me, my spiritual journey and deeper connection with my intuition and psychic gifts have been about increasing my capacity to feel my ‘big self’, and allowing the soul within me to grow and be part of everything I do. This is the essence of who I am; everything else is just a story.

By connecting deeply with our inner self, we can start to clear the way to make more of those 35,000 daily decisions from a place of knowing, with a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Most of us waffle in uncertainty, but having a clear stance is what fuels creation.

This clarity brings a sense of peace, happiness, and belonging that we all crave. Remember, nothing external can provide this for you; it all resides within, connected to your inner self, your intuition, and your love for yourself.

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