Developing Your Intuitive and Psychic Gifts

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What are ‘The Clairs’ – a term derived from French, referring to the psychic or intuitive gifts we all possess. There are four primary gifts: clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. The prefix ‘clair’ means ‘clear,’ leading to translations like clear-seeing, clear-hearing, clear-feeling, and clear-knowing. While there are other psychic abilities like dreaming, smelling and tasting, these four are the most prominent channels through which our intuition and psychic abilities manifest.

Clairvoyance, or clear-seeing, is linked to our third eye. It’s the ability to see images or acquire extrasensory knowledge visually. This can range from vivid images playing out like a movie in one’s mind to more subtle, almost apparitional sensations of an image.

Clairaudience, or clear-hearing, involves receiving intuitive messages through auditory means. If this is your gift, you might hear music that isn’t playing externally or receive verbal messages from your guides. Clairaudient individuals often have a profound connection with music, finding deep meaning in lyrics. They also tend to have an ability to communicate with deceased and out of body spirits. 

Clairsentience, or clear-feeling, is about experiencing intuition physically within your body. This often manifests as empathy, where you can pick up and feel the emotions of others around you, sometimes blurring the line between your own emotions and those of others.

Claircognizance, or clear-knowing, is a sense of just ‘knowing’ something instinctively, without an evident reason. It’s like having access to information or understanding suddenly, without knowing how it came to you.

To discover your primary intuitive channel, pay attention to how you reference the world. Do you often say, “I feel,” “I know,” “I see,” or “I hear” in conversations? These phrases can clue you into your dominant form of intuition.

A useful practice is to become aware of how your extrasensory gifts show up in your life. Tune into how you receive information – this can guide you to understand which gift is most prominent for you. While we all possess all four abilities, typically one is more pronounced from birth.

Working with your strongest gift first can be advantageous, as it’s like having the necessary hardware or software already installed. Building on this foundation can make it easier to establish a connection with your guides and internal knowing.

Remember, the key here is to ‘play’ – approach this exploration with playfulness, curiosity, and excitement. Putting pressure on yourself or feeling frustrated can hinder your ability to connect with your intuition.

And if you’re still uncertain about which ‘clair’ is your primary channel, I have a quiz on my website that can help you determine it. The Primal Intuitive Power Quiz identifies your primary intuitive gift so that you may explore it and strengthen your connection with your intuition and yourself. 

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