Episode 130: Nurturing Your Inner Child With Jordan

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I believe strongly that everything we need to guide ourselves through the ups and downs of life, the hard decisions, all the pain and happiness, everything, can be found within us. You are so much more powerful than you think, my love, but it is all too easy to fall into a trap of overcomplicating things. We all do it. There’s a lot of fear that comes up when we are on the precipice of a great challenge and opportunity for more in our lives, and sometimes it feels more comfortable to overthink as a means of control than to surrender ourselves to it.

Jordan is here looking for guidance. He’s in the middle of a big life transition, leaving his job to follow his passion, and the magnitude of the change feels overwhelming to him. Today, Jordan and I go on a journey to visit his inner child who at a young age experienced a frightening situation that is still influencing his decisions today. 

During his reading we delve into:

  • Our tendencies to overcomplicate what is truly quite simple
  • How your body holds the wisdom and answers that you seek
  • Nurturing and protecting your inner child as a path to freedom in your daily life
  • How to be with yourself intimately and show love to the tender parts of yourself
  • How you can rewrite your past and rewire your neural pathways
  • How you can change your future and your past
  • Reality is not what you have been told; it’s so much more

I hope this reading allows you to tap into your own past in order to connect with your strength and reliance to step boldly into your future.

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