Episode 131: Healing Childhood Wounds With Crystal

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There is so much richness to find in paying a visit to the tenderest parts of our childhood. I believe that accessing those moments of pain, hurt, and loneliness are the keys to bring forth meaningful lessons into our present reality as adults. It can be incredibly healing to spend some intentional time with the inner child in all of us, to sit with the child who feels scared, alone, and is craving our love. That is such a powerful thing. 

Crystal is here today looking to connect with and heal her inner child. She’s been on a healing journey for a long time but is wondering now if there are blockages that might stem from her childhood. Today, Crystal and I have an enlightening conversation that draws the parallels between the loneliness Crystal felt in childhood to the ways that she deals with the feeling of aloneness now in adulthood, and the connection between those coping mechanisms to the present day.

During her reading we talk about:

  • Your spirit animals and how they show up to support you
  • Abandonment issues and how to navigate and heal them
  • The power of looking within for the love and support that you truly desire
  • Reparenting your inner child and building a relationship with them
  • How this can be used as a portal to rewriting the past and changing your current reality
  • Your coping mechanisms and distractions and how expansive it can be when you’re willing to explore them

I hope this reading reminds you that YOU are the one who can give that inner child exactly what they need, and that you are never really alone.

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