A Journey of Remembering and Connecting

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I want to talk about an essential part of our existence – the realization that we are souls having a human experience. In the hustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of this divine part of ourselves, the part that is here to explore, expand, relate, and love. This life is essentially a journey of remembering who we truly are at the core.

In our busy schedules, we often forget that we are more than just our human selves. This remembering is a significant part of our journey, leading us back to the heart of our existence. We must recognize all aspects of ourselves and come home to this beautiful temple – our body. It’s not just a vessel; it’s a sacred space we inhabit, experience, and have a relationship with.

During a yoga session with my favorite teacher, she beautifully articulated that we are “divinity visiting humanity.” This phrase always floods me with a sense of remembrance. The world today is dense and heavy, rooted in the third dimension. We’re often caught up in a materialistic illusion without questioning our actions, origins, and purpose.

Over time, the Earth has descended from the spiritual realms, making it challenging for us to remember our soul’s purpose and experiences. In this current epoch, we find ourselves disconnected from our spiritual selves, to the point where some even deny the existence of the soul.

If there is no spiritual sense, then what’s our true purpose? How can we deeply love and relate to others without a connection to our inner wisdom and spirit? This is why I’m passionate about relationships. Everything in life is a relationship – with the world, our children, nature, activities, and most importantly, ourselves and our spirituality.

The deeper I’ve dedicated my relationship with myself – understanding my wounds, patterns, unconscious beliefs, and inner child – the more I’ve learned to love and bring more of myself into my life. This journey has deepened my connection to spirit and intuition, allowing me to receive and trust inner wisdom rather than reacting out of fear.

Turning inward helps me embrace divine timing, notice guiding signs, and feel a profound sense of being supported. My spirit animals, guides, and the unseen world become more tangible, and more accessible. Clearing away life’s clutter allows this connection to flourish.

It can be scary to trust in something unseen, but the more we lean in, the more visible and tangible it becomes. We are divine beings, and it’s not all up to us to figure everything out. Letting go of limiting beliefs and stories allows us to connect more deeply with our inner wisdom and divinity.

So, my love, how can you dive deeper into this divine human experience? You chose to be here for a reason. Follow your heart towards what lights you up and allows you to truly know yourself and Spirit at a profound and supportive level.

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