Fate or Destiny?

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In the Andean traditions, they speak of fate and destiny. Fate is the life that we live when we are just on autopilot – the life handed down to us through our lineage from parents, grandparents, and so on. We learn patterns and beliefs from them. For example, how we grow up believing what our parents believed, even if we also fight against those beliefs. Many of them are ingrained in our genes and unconscious programs.

Fate is when you believe you have no control over what happens to you – the diseases, health stories, money stories, and everything else that gets handed down in your family line. This is fate when you walk that path. 

However, destiny is when you choose your own path. When you decide you are not the sum of your circumstances, you have a choice to change what you believe, do, and say to align with the life you wish to live. This is how you craft your destiny.

It’s stepping outside the patterns, stories, and beliefs about what will happen to you because it happened to others before you. You have that power – you are amazing and creative enough to change your destiny moment by moment through your choices, thoughts, and actions. As you make choices to create something different for yourself, the old identities need to be shed. The person you were cannot move into the new life you’re creating. There are little “mini deaths” of who you used to be for who you are becoming to emerge.

This can be challenging at times, but finding that soulful, unstoried part of yourself and nurturing that relationship creates the path towards what you love. It reveals your true identity – not the personas, roles or stories you believe, but the essence of your divine creative being. This is the person you are becoming, always there inside but covered up along the way.

The journey is uncovering the stopping places and untrue stories you take as reality that just want to keep you small and safe, even if well-intentioned. As you gather and nurture those parts, reminding them all is well, you cross thresholds into your new destiny – the gift you came to give the world that lives in your heart.

As you renegotiate these inner relationships and allow the old identities to be reborn in service to your true self, magic happens. You connect to the realms of miracles and synchronicities, able to perceive them with new senses fully engaged in life.

When I first heard about “ego death”, it scared me because I imagined one big death. But over the years, I realized for me it has been manageable little “mini deaths” – as old patterns, stories and beliefs about what’s possible faded and the newer me emerged, it became easier to shed what doesn’t work. An excitement even, to uncover something new – “Oh, here’s one more place I can soften and open” and let life rush in.

So my loves, I invite you to relax the grip on who you think you are and open to the possibility of who you’re becoming, walking step-by-step towards your chosen destiny.

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