How Your Old Stories Affect Your Life Story

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You have lived countless stories, my love.

Your narrative is stitched together from the triumphs and tragedies of this life and the other lifetimes you have lived, but you ALWAYS have the power to rewrite your story.

It can be so hard to move past those old wounds, and heal from the times we felt unseen, unwelcome, or rejected because others did not understand our powerful gifts. But freeing yourself from your old storylines and claiming your sovereignty is the first step to being SEEN.

You are here, my love, in the world, doing your work, living your truth and your power, and it is time to step out into the light of all that is you.

Before you can become seen, before you can embrace your sovereign power, you must first explore your old stories and face your wounds. You cannot overcome them by turning away from the pain. We often try to “busy” ourselves into a new way of being. We convince ourselves that if we work hard enough and do enough and try enough, we will finally be seen, understood, loved… But there is no amount of “doing” that is ever going to prove to you or other people that you are worthy. That love starts with YOU. It starts with loving yourself, listening to your intuition, and trusting Spirit to lead you to the exact place you are meant to be.

As you rewrite your story, you redefine your roles, your gendered archetypes and the expectations that come with them. You begin to understand your relationship with your sacred feminine and masculine sides, your light side, and your shadow side. You begin to retrieve the parts of your soul that have been left behind and bring them home. You reconnect with your child self and heal those old hurts by holding her close and letting her know that she is loved, seen, and cherished.

When you break free from the stories of your past, you change your vibrations and your energy and create space for people to see you in a new way. You are remembering the bright, vibrant, spiritual being that has alway lived inside of you. When you let people see YOU, they see YOUR truth, and they come to you because of who YOU are. You are freeing yourself to trust your intuition, your heart, your desires, and create the life you want to lead.

It’s time to be seen, my love. To cross that threshold and be who you came here to be. 

There is no “right” way to do it. There are so many paths, and you are the only one that can choose your journey. The goal is to find the path that is correct for your heart so that you can expand into your purpose, do your soul’s work, and accept all the love the world wants to give you.

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